Saturday, August 17, 2013

You Did it Again

Ya did it again, God.
You amazed me again.
Never ceases to amaze me how you answer my prayers.
All of us girls have had it in our lives. We cannot hide from it. No matter what we try to do. What is it, you may ask? Drama. Girl Drama, specifically.
I can safely say that I hate it. I hate girl drama. I hate the broken friendships. I hate the negativity. I hate the cattiness. I hate it.
A year ago I had a best friend. We had every school class together. We spent most of our life together. Road trips. Dances. Late nights. That was us. We were those girls. After a turn of events and my recommitment to Christ, all craziness broke out.
The friendship crumbled. It buckled. We were done. Couldn't be around each other before something negative came out of our mouths. It was not all her fault. It was not all my fault. It was a 2-way street. I didn't see that I wasn't focusing on the one thing that mattered: my relationship with God.
Summer came. Regret fell on my heart. I was upset that I had wasted my year away by focusing on the negative. Over the summer, I reached out to God and really fully depended on him. I was His. No doubt in my mind. I worked through my heart, focusing on it piece by piece. When I got to the piece with all the past girl drama painted on it, it was tough, but I was able to forgive her. Forgive the meanness and recognize what I did and how it was wrong, yet I couldn't bring myself to tell her.
Well. Tonight was the back to school dance at school. Fun night. I was having a great time.
Then those words that confuse all of your thoughts: "Hey. Can we talk?" Oh boy. "Yeah! Sure!"
Long story short. all is resolved. I love how when I turn something over to God, He tells me it will be fine and he takes care of it. I love how I have my friend back. I love how my mind is at ease.
I hope this encourages you. I hope that if you've had girl drama or any drama that you will turn to God and hand it all over to Him.
I PROMISE he will handle it! He's just amazing like that.
Thanks, God. You did it again. <3

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